Shari is one of the co- founders of The Eduvation Network, and through her experience and passion to make a difference, she has realized that technology is an extremely powerful tool and that there is a huge need for training educators in a manner that is both time effective and cost effective. She is well aware of the busy lifestyles that educators lead. This is what motivated Shari to pursue the creation of The Eduvation Network.

With a background in Sociology, Political Science and Education Policy, Shari has gained a complex understanding of the huge gaps that exist within the education system in South Africa.

Shari has obtained an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Political Science, an Honours degree in Development Studies and a Masters Degree in Education policy and administration from the University of Cape Town. Whilst obtaining both postgraduate degrees, Shari gained experience as a lecturer, curriculum coordinator and worked for the Western Cape Department of Education. This experience enabled her to grasp a better understanding of the need for continual training for educators of all levels.

At the beginning of 2015, Shari took up a position as an Education Research Analyst at The Centre for Research in Education and Labour Unit (REAL) at the University of the Witswatesrand. Through her research for the Education, Training and Development Practices Seta (ETDP Seta) in the areas of Technical and Vocational Education, education technology and teacher training for educators in both the basic education and higher educator sector, Shari has been able to pin point exactly what needs be done to improve teacher training in the country.



Dr Laurien Rosen completed her BA (Hons) degree at the University of Witwatersrand in 1982. She completed her Masters degree in Specialised Remedial Education in 1988 and then her Doctorate in Victorian literature at the University of Witwatersrand in 1990. In 2005 she completed a second Doctorate in Anatomy and Psychology at the University of Kingston-upon-Thames (London), graduating cum laude. Dr Rosen is a member of The Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA).


Dr Rosen has gained more that 20 years of experience in both secondary and tertiary education in South Africa and London, where she held the post of Associate Professor at The American University of London, Richmond, the premier American university in the UK. Dr Rosen has always been ranked in the 90th percentile by both faculty and students, in terms of both results achieved and effort given.

Dr Rosen is a founding member the Michael Sutner HIV clinic, a non-profit clinic specialising in the comprehensive treatment of HIV patients. Dr Rosen has the prerequisite experience from working at the HIV clinic at Kingston Hospital (UK).

Dr Rosen recognises the need for on-going training and enrichment in the education sector in South Africa as critical to the enhancement of the Nation and therefore, has accepted the role as Director of The Eduvation Network.


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