How to raise new age kids the old school way

Times sure have changed a lot since we were children – from the way we were raised, to the way children nowadays interact and learn in the classroom. Gone are the days of sharpening pencils and the smell of brand new textbooks with crib notes cleverly pencilled in on the inside of the cover flap.

Technology has taken over the world and we find ourselves in an era where we have to find the balance while raising connected kids the old-fashioned way. A tablet, cellphone or portable gaming device is joint at the hip with children from the ages three and up these days. Little Suzie doesn’t have to beg you to buy a whole supply of glitter and coloured paper for school tasks anymore, as long as you swipe the credit card for the latest tablet, you are home free! Just look at how our lives have changed… We buy basically everything online and all from the comfort of our own homes.

The secret to living in such a digitally advanced world, is to ensure that we still instill old fashioned principles in our children’s lives. Whether you like it or not, today’s parents are pioneers, challenged with monitoring, managing, and guiding their children through the electronic jungle. Some parents prefer to ignore and ban technology all together as far as they can, but this isn’t always the best method. To stick your head in the sand won’t make it go away and you can be responsible for helping lay the core foundation when it comes to tech habits.

Start a family blog together, mix some music and play those helpful and educational games with your children. It’s not a case that if you can’t beat them, join them, but rather a situation where you have the opportunity to create quality time with your child and not let them be swallowed whole in the black hole that can be technology – just for the sake of getting them out of your hair.

The most imported role you can play as a parent in raising a balanced, connected child, is to make sure all the old school rules apply that we grew up with – chewing gum at the table is a no-no, any form of a device is put away at the dinner table, and an acceptable amount of screen time will be allowed. The golden word in raising any child in any era has always remained the same – LIMITS!

Just like any good recipe, you need to ensure that there is the right amount of ingredients in your dish to make it perfectly flavourful and enjoyable. With limits and co-operation, your child will be the ultimate treat to society when the venture into the world of adulthood.


March 13, 2019

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