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BUILDING READERS – help all learners achieve reading success!

This course focuses on cognitive strategies, games and tools to improve reading fluency and comprehension and gives educators ways to help all learners achieve reading success.  Teachers make the difference.  This course will give them more tools to make that difference count.

Topics covered:

  • Reading – strategies to improve word recognition and comprehension
  • Learn how to give each child a ‘reading toolbox’
  • Activities and games to improve reading

To find out more and order the Raising Readers KITS that accompany this course, please go to: and follow fill out the form. A member from Raising Readers will then be in contact with you. 

Course Curriculum

Introduction to building readers 00:00:00
Module 1
Module 1: Building Readers 00:00:00
Building Readers: notes, reading strategies and miscue analysis 00:00:00
Building Readers- Quiz 1 2 weeks
Module 2
Module 2: Building Readers 00:00:00
Dice Template 00:00:00
Building Readers- Quiz 2 02:00:00
Module 3
Module 3: Building Readers 00:00:00
Building Readers- Quiz 3 02:00:00
End of course assignment 3 weeks
End of course assignment21, 00:00

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  1. Fantastic course


    Thank you RR and Eduvation for a wonderful course! It was interesting, fun and most of all convenient to complete online! Thank you!

  2. 4

    I had trouble with the end of course assignment but I emailed and was very happy with the excellent service that was provided how immediate the response was. They said that they would assist me in submitting my assignment and were very friendly in the process. Lovely course!

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  • 4 weeks
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