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The Eduvation Network is a unique South African education technology company that focuses on the growth and development of Educators and Health Professionals through the use of cutting-edge technology. Eduvation collaborates closely with our clients to create custom solutions that help achieve goals and optimize on opportunities. Eduvation is made up of an expert team of elite software engineers, designers, marketers, coders, editors, sound engineers and other industry specialists. Our aim is to empower our clients so that in return they can empower others.

Eduvation focuses on three main market segments:

TEACHER AND HEALTH PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING: In our own capacity, Eduvation has partnered with various companies to provide courses for Educators and Health Professionals that are endorsed by SACE (South African Council of Educators) and the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) that qualify for CPD (continual professional development points). Our cloud-based, online materials enable Educators and Health Professionals to continue to up skill at their own pace, wherever and whenever it is convenient.

CUSTOMISED SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS AND MARKETING SERVICES:: We provide holistic technology solutions for companies through the creation of customized online platforms, custom websites, mobile and web apps, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and enterprise apps. We also provide a full spectrum of marketing services to suite the needs of our various clients. 

CONTENT TRANSFORMATION:  We assist with the transformation of materials from paper format to the online learning format. In this regard, we are able to provide access to a fully equipped filming studio, voice over artists, script writers, sound engineers and editors. All materials are transformed in accordance with the vision of the client.

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Lameze Hendricks

Lameze Hendricks The Kings School Linboro Park

I loved every second of training on the Eduvation platform. I was able to train anywhere I wished and it was an absolute breeze. To date, I have completed 5 courses with Eduvation and gained 40 CPTD in total. Thank you for making the lives of teachers so lovely and easy! Shari you have been amazing! Thank you!

Silvana Zaurrini – Serrao

Silvana Zaurrini – Serrao Risidale Primary School

Professional Development has never been easier! Thank you Eduvation for being so willing to help teachers and most of all for making our lives easier.

Lindy Britz

Lindy Britz

The Eduvation team have been warm and really helpful. Training online has been such a pleasure. It is easy, and I can train anytime! Thank you Eduvation!

Yolandi Roux

Yolandi Roux Crossroads School

I have been working in education for a long time, you need courses like these ones to reflect on your practice and remind you of why you do what you do. I have enjoyed training with Eduvation very much. It has been so convenient to train from anywhere!



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